Glasshouse production

Our glasshouse production strategy aims to guarantee top-quality products which fully respect the environment.
Taking this into consideration, our glasshouse production is focused during the months May to October, in order to naturally create exceptional products. We use the sun as our only source of energy, using no artificial tools.

Indoor production

Based on the artificial re-creation of ideal microclimate factors that Hemp plants require, our indoor production is active 365 days a year. As we continuously strive to evolve and search for new innovations, we have created specific grow rooms, which are fully equipped with the highest grade cultivation equipment and handled with the upmost level of care. 

Operating with the maximum professionalism and proficiency, we have developed and equipped our facilities for the needs of the respective evolutionary stages of the Hemp plants: the first room is entirely focused on seed germination, the second for its growth, and the last ones for the flowering stages.
At 1812 we believe that the light source is the most effective factor in the development of any vegetal. For this particular reason we use state-of-the-art lighting solutions such as CFL, HID, LED/LED COB, innovative technologies according to the most appropriate spectrum for the several stages of a plants' growth.